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The work in The Simon Community is carried out by volunteers and residents living and working together as a community. Live in volunteers stay at our house with our residents, sharing their mutual strengths and weaknesses and creating a unique atmosphere of love and acceptance. This is not easy to sustain, but for many of our residents it may be the first time in their lives that they have been respected and have somewhere they can belong. We encourage change without aiming to 'rehabilitate'.

The working week of a live in volunteer is busy and varied. Our volunteers work at all our outreach services and are on hand to support residents at home. Living and working with homeless people is not without challenges, but the experience is rewarding. Often volunteers apply because they are interested in working wth homeless people but they lack the experience they need to get a job. One of our live in volunteers said recently:

"I have always been interested in working wtih homeless people and thought that volunteering full time would be a good way to get that experience. You learn a lot very quickly. Living and working with the residents immerses you into the culture of the community. I think it would have taken me a long time to learn this much in a 9-5 job!"

Though this is unpaid voluntary work, all living expenses (board, food, travel etc) are provided and all bills paid in Central London accommodation. Volunteers are entitled to time off away from the residential setting in a flat provided just for them. All you need to bring with you is your time and energy.

What do I need to be a live in volunteer?
Full-time volunteers need to be at least 18 years old, they must be willing to join in and be kind to others. You don't need to have prior experience, qualifications or any religeous beliefs to join our community.

What is the minimum commitment?
We ask full-time volunteers to commit to work and live in the Communtiy for at least 6 months.

How do I know if I will like the work?
A good starting point is for you to read the live in volunteer role description. If you are interested, you can email us to request an application form. If this is satisfactory we will arrange for you to visit the Community for 72 hours, so we can meet you and you can join in the work of the Community.

What should I expect?
To join in, work hard, have fun, learn lots and meet a lot of people! One of our volunteers shared his experience of how the reality differed from his expectations:

"I was really surprised to be staying in a proper house! I thought I was coming to a homeless hostel that would be quite chaotic and have loads of peole there, but the house is like a proper home. Everyone contributes and works together, we have breakfast meetings where we plan the day and we eat together in the evening which is nice."

What can I gain from my experience in The Simon Community?

  • Valuable experience of living and working directly with homeless people. The Simon Community is a well known, respected organisation. Having experience as a live in volunteer is a valuable commodity in terms of future employability.
  • Training in a range of areas
  • The experience of living in a community
  • The opportunity to make a real difference to those that need it most

If you are interested in  residential volunteering please get in touch with us at the office. When it comes to how many  volunteers we can have at any one time, we are limited by space. If you are interested though, please give us a call and we can talk about any spaces that may be coming up as people leave.

Regular Volunteering (non residential)
Our volunteers that join us on services make up the biggest group at the Simon Community. We are guided by volunteers who have been residents or who have significant lived experience of homelessness. 

Do you have a particular skill you would like to share with The Simon Community and a few hours to spare? We are also always in need of extra drivers to drive the minibus on our outreach services. You will need to be over 25 and have a clean licence to help out with this.

What is the minimum commitment?
We don't have a rule as such, but in practice it's a good idea to make a regular commitment of at least once every week or two. All our outreach service currently take place in the evening. 

To Apply
email [email protected] or phone 0744 230 6000 if you want to talk to someone about volunteering

Street cafe photographs by Barry Hayden

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