Group photo with Simon Community

Living and working with London's street homeless

The Simon Community has been working since 1963 to alleviate the isolation of people sleeping rough, provide a place where they can gain a sense of belonging and foster the skills they need to move towards a housing option that is suitable for them.

We are a community of volunteers and people who have experienced or are currently experiencing homelessness in all its forms. We work together in a spirit of love, acceptance, tolerance and understanding.

We aim to reach out to support and campaign for people who are experiencing homelessness, and particularly those for whom no other provision exists.

  • Support Us

    The Simon Community is appealing for support to continue its fantastic work supporting homeless people.

  • Volunteer

    The work in The Simon Community is carried out by volunteers and residents living and working together as a community.

  • About Simon

    The Simon Community accepts people for who they are, rather than trying to tell people who they should be.

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The latest news on events and activities in and around The Simon Community.