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The Simon Community is a charity set up in 1963 by Anton Wallich Clifford to work with homeless people on the streets of London. It has in the past had many branches in different parts of the country including Eire and people from the Simon Community created such organisations as Cyrenians, St. Mungos and Centre Point.   

We seek to work with those for whom no other provision exists and in a way that can give them back ownership of their lives.  In the houses day to day support in a community environment with a family atmosphere offers an accepting and befriending framework in which human relationships can be nourished.  Simon seeks to be an exemplar of how those in greatest need can be supported and offered the opportunity to rebuild their lives.

To ask someone to come from the streets into a community environment is to ask a great deal.  Living in the community and adopting its inherent and specifically Simon values requires much thought and effort, often having to subordinate one's own wishes to those of the community.  It is hard enough for the volunteers let alone the residents.  On a few occasions in the past it has been possible to say that we were fully implementing Simon philosophy, that the community was working well and all were contributing.  Most of the time we are a work in progress.  We look forward to further good progress in the coming year.

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