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News: Joe Matthews dies

Our dear friend Joe Matthews died last night in St. Thomas's Hospital.  A popular resident at St. Joseph's, he will be missed by all.

Placed by Admin on   10 Jun 2011
  • i used to sleep rough with him at the back of the shell mex in savoy place he was alwyas very kind and loving
    - gary
  • dear old joe was a lovely old man and a freind to all god rest your sole me old mate
  • He was really good man. God bless him
    - Sebastian Erdman
  • Rest in Peace Joe =( it was a pleasure knowing you and living together at 129. Hope all at 129 are OK. All my love... Beth xxx
    - Beth Williams
  • I lived in the Fazakerley Cottage homes with Joe for a few years, in Cottage 5 (I think). I think we both left in 1951, although he could have left a little earlier than me, say in 1950. He would be about 75 years old now.

    Joe was a very popular lad and was always making jokes. He would never make jokes that hurt people, he was always considerate in that way. He had an infectious giggle that would begin in the dormitory at night, where about 8 or 10 people slept in beds lined up along the sides. The giggle would start over nothing that was particularly funny, but gradually, everyone would involuntarily join in. From then on, it was difficult to stop.

    I will be writing a book about the Cottage Homes during the next year, and Joe will certainly be mentioned in it. He is one of the happier memories of a sometimes very sad place.

    Rest in peace and pleasant merriment, Joe.

    - Edward Schleising
  • Joey Matthews was a great friend of mine during our time as child residents at the Fazakerly Cottage Homes, Liverpool. 1945-1950. He was a great guy. I knew him as a lad who always had time for others, and never without a cheerful look on his face. Many is the time when we would chat, and share our thoughts about the good and maybe, not so good times we were experiencing. It was at the Fazakerly Cottage Homes (Liverpool) 2011 reunion, 25th June 2011, that I asked of a number of people his where abouts, sadly without success. As the Chairman of FCH(L)A, it is part of my address to attendees, to request a few moments silence in remembering members who, for various reasons are unable to be with us. During this time, the names of persons who we are aware of. have passed away,are read out. R.I.P. Joe, Your name will be at the top of the list at our 2012 reunion. Geoff.
    - Geoff Schleising.
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