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News: Cherry’s gig – “Talent for Charity”

On Saturday, 28 Nov 2009, one of our co-workers, Cherry Lee, also known as “The Bathroom Girl” on, organized and participated in “a one of a kind gathering of talent for charity - Youtube's finest gig”, which took place at "The Distillers" in London.

All proceeds were split between Restless Beings ( and The Simon Community.

Two links with more information about this event are:

1), for Cherry’s videos, and

2), for Cherry’s subsequent interview on BBC News 24, Dec 2009.

Cherry has also made a song “One Loose Coin” ( dedicated to homeless people and has informed us that all proceeds from this song will be given to the Simon Community.

Go to, type “The Bathroom Girl” and delight yourself with Cherry’s many songs.

Our thanks to Cherry for all her support as a volunteer and for her very determined campaigning efforts to raise awareness to the plight of homeless people.

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