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News: Urgent fundraising appeal

Urgent Appeal

The Simon Community is appealing for financial support to continue its fantastic work supporting homeless people.

What we do

The Simon Community, founded in 1963 is uniquely based on the principles of acceptance, love and support for those who have been rejected by other services. The community does not just provide people with somewhere to sleep, but creates supportive and caring environments for homeless people to develop long lasting relationships.  The community does not accept money from the government which means that we are not bound by government targets and outcomes. Instead we develop the community to meet people’s needs and put those needs first.  This is a unique approach to serving the community.   The Simon Community is proud of this approach and is committed to continuing to provide love, help and support for homeless people. 

New developments

To continue to develop the Community we are expanding our vital services for homeless people. The new day centre will allow us to continue existing services and to provide new ones in response to changing needs. The new women’s group is run by women and for women and  provides a safe place for women to cook meals, eat together, relax and enjoy a variety of activities. 

Our appeal

In this very difficult economic climate with the knock on effect of other homeless charities losing government funding, the Simon Community has to accommodate the needs of many more people. The community is struggling financially and with this appeal we hope new and current supporters will help us to be more financially stable in the long term by giving regular donations.

As the community does not accept money from the Government, we are very dependent on the kindness of others.

What you can do

•    Donate regularly with direct debit payments

•    Donate now online

•    Send a cheque to the Simon Community, PO BOX 1187 London NW5 4HS

•    Increase the value of your donation by 25% with Gift Aid

•    Join our mailing list and receive quarterly updates on the community

•    Send this appeal to your friends and family and ask them to help the Community

Thank you for your valuable support,

Bob Baker


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