Rights Guide for Rough Sleepers

We recently distributed a ‘Rights Guide’ for rough sleepers

Volunteers from the homeless charity Simon Community took to the streets on 7th December to deliver a rights guide to London’s rough sleepers.  The move was taken with a coalition of other homelessness agencies in response to coercive tactics being used to move on rough sleepers in the capital.

The rights guide has been developed by Housing Justice with legal support from the Human Rights organisation Liberty and intends to safeguard the rights of rough sleepers.  It is a response to ‘dispersal areas’ being set up where groups of two people can be asked to leave the area.  It also answers the question ‘Is it a crime to sleep on the street?’.

John Yeudall, chair of Simon Community said “With the authorities desperate to cleanse the streets before the cameras arrive for the Olympics, the race is on to make it as uncomfortable as possible for London’s rough sleepers.  It’s abusive waking people up at 3 a.m. to ask their name and number and then hose down where they’re sleeping”.

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To download a copy of the rights guide click here


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